Tape laying

Homogeneous exposure - controlled heating - sped-up process flow

The process

The tapes are from unidirectional thermoplastic continuous filaments that are partially pre-impregnated with adhesive resin.  Like a tape, they are rolled onto a reel and this is how they are integrated into the manufacturing system. Its feed unit draws the tape from the role and a robot places it on the work platform or the semi-finished component in the required position. There, it is melted by heating with a laser to increase the grip of the adhesive. In this way, and step by step, exactly-contoured continuous filament structures with high firmness are established.

The process advantages of the diode lasers

The biggest advantages of Laserline's diode lasers are their homogeneous intensity distribution in the focus which can even be optimized with special optics, and a precise temperature regulation which enables controlled melting. Together, both make a direct completion of the component possible and thus speed up the process significantly.