6kW laser power
in a 19'' rack mount

Multi-kilowatt power for 19" rack mount module

The system design of  the fiber-coupled OEM modules from of the LDM series is consequently focused on compactness, reliability and ease of integration. The LDM is a 19-inch rack mounted laser, the size of a PC. It includes the diode stacks, a fiber-coupling unit, the power supply, cooling as well as microelectronics , used to monitor and control the laser.


The space saving 19-inch conception makes the integration of the laser easier for plant constructors, thereby qualifying it as a standard industrial tool. Whether in a classical control cabinet, a processing station or underneath the conveyor belts of an interlinked production plant, the innovative design makes it possible to integrate LDM diode lasers’ space saving in the production areas. In a standard control cabinet, in a processing station or underneath the conveyor belts of an interlinked production plant, the laser requires no additional space and is thus perfectly suitable for OEM applications.


With the enhancement of LDM’s product family with the new 7 HE plug-in system, Laserline once again sets the standard for compact high-power diode lasers. Further development of the LDM technology makes development of new applications with laser powers of 6 kW possible. The beam quality of the fiber-coupled LDM diode laser is comparable to that of a lamp-pumped solid-state laser, only with ten times the higher socket output efficiency at a fraction of the size. A very simple handling due to the functional, standardized signal interface underlines this user-oriented product’s philosophy. 


The LDM module is based on the proven and continuously-developed Laserline diode technology. Today, it is used worldwide in many application areas and is characterized by high reliability and system stability. Therefore, Laserline’s diode lasers are offered with a five-year warranty on laser diodes. This period may be extended on request. 


User-friendliness is at the center of the LDM product’s philosophy. The miniaturization of the laser system leads to a clear reduction in investment and operation costs. So, LDM diode lasers have a great potential to be a substitute not only for existing laser applications but also for conventional methods, e.g. welding, repair welding or heat treatment.