Keyhole welding

Smooth and clean welding seams - high stability in rough environments - extremely calm molten pool

The process

With keyhole welding, the material is processed with very high beam intensities. Different to heat conduction welding, a metal vapor is here created in addition to the metal melt that partially displaces the melt and leads to the creation of a vapor capillary (keyhole). The method is characterized by high process speed. The heat-affected zone is always limited, and so the material distortion is accordingly low. What remains is a narrow, evenly structured welding seam with a depth gauge that is often bigger than its width.

The process advantages of the diode laser

A big plus of Laserline's diode lasers is the calm molten pool that minimizes the amount of metal splashes on the workpiece and laser optic, leading to smoother and cleaner welding seams. With a protection class of IP54, the lasers guarantee (even without the protecting enclosures) process stability in tough application environments. Their high electrical efficiency of up to 50 percent and robust technology make Laserline’s systems a reliable and very economical tool for keyhole welding. Designed to last more than 30,000 operation hours, they are also very durable with low maintenance effort to boot.