Application examples

Source: Alabama Laser

Hot wire coating

For corrosion and wear protection of metallic drive shafts, ceramic coatings are often used. However, they peel off regularly with the result that the shaft becomes useless. The alternative diode laser-based coating with hot wire from stainless steel has proven to be an effective repair method for such coatings. After ablating the remains of the old ceramic coating, the laser is focused on the rotating component, while the stainless steel wire is added to the molten pool. This layer causes only about a quarter of the production costs of ceramic coatings. Repairs of the steel coating can be realized quickly and easily with this method.

Alabama Laser repaired the coating of a drive shaft using Laserline LDF 6000-60 with 6 kW laser power and a patented hot wire technology.

Source: Matex PM

Repair welding under difficult conditions

Besides damages to protective coatings, cracks in components can also require repair welding. However, such components cannot always be reached easily. For example, when the removal of a torn gear is not immediately possible, in case of doubt the laser must go to the workpiece. With Laserline's diode lasers, this is no longer a problem: these light, compact and mobile lasers can, if needed be, even be placed safely at narrow scaffoldings in lofty heights, where they can support all necessary welding works.

A mobile diode laser system LDF 3000-60 and a robot for control were installed at a height of 25 m to weld cracks in the gears.