Additive manufacturing

Calm process control - homogeneous, crack-free material layers -  optimal efficiency

The process

The main tool of additive manufacturing is a movable print head, which mostly contains a laser, a metal powder nozzle or a wire guide. This print head is moved over a building platform, where it adds the metal powder or the wire, and then melts it with the help of the laser beam. By cooling the material and cladding the next material layer, the required component is created step by step and strictly in accordance with the proviso of the three-dimensional construction plan. Finally, the technical principle corresponds to laser cladding.  With the sole difference of three-dimensional forms beeing created.

The process advantages of the diode lasers

The top-hat beam profiles of Laserline's diode lasers create very even molten pools and allow for a calm process control that leads to homogeneous, crack-free material layers.