Diode lasers of LDF Series with beam converter

With up to 4,000 W of laser power, the newly developed diode laser with integrated beam quality converter sets a new benchmark. Based on the long established and proven technology of actively cooled laser diodes, the beam parameter product has been optimized using an active fiber - the converter.


Laserline converter-laser

Optimum Combination: High Power and Superior Beam Quality

For the first time the usage of a beam converter opens up new applications which were previously unfeasible for diode lasers such as "Remote Welding", those which demands very small focus diameters, as well as "Laser Cutting". These applications expand the classic application portfolio of diode lasers, which includes sheet metal and aluminum welding, cladding, hardening and heat-treating.

The principle of modularity is applied throughout. This makes it easy to adapt the beam source for specific applications. Applications with small focuses and corresponding power densities up to focal lengths of well over 500 mm can be implemented.

Enhancement of LDF series

The laser power is transferred to the workpiece by way of a robot-compatible fiber. The innovative improvement of diode laser beam quality based on an active fiber permits a choice of core diameter from 200 µm upward. This also provides for maximum reliability, easily delivering technical availability levels greater than 99 percent and even with multi-kW power outputs.

The diode with 8 mm mrad is a technical enhancement of the existing highly successful LDF series based on laser diodes only. Starting from a standard diode laser, the laser beam at medium beam quality is first focused into an active fiber rather than a passive fiber. This improves the laser beam quality by conversion technology so that a beam quality better than 8 mm mrad is attained at the active fiber outlet. The wavelength of approximately 1085 nm is only slightly different from existing diode lasers. The downstream components such as the beam swith and passive fiber are also based on the existing and established components of the LDF series. The high degree of modularity of the diode laser enables the system to be upgraded subsequently for example by increasing the laser power or the number of beam outlets, or by adding other components.