metal welding with diode laser
Metal Welding
Hardening with Diodelasler
Hardening (IWS)
Plasticwelding with Diode Laser
Welding of Plastics (IMA)
Brazing with Laser
Cladding (GTV)
Cutting of Metalls

Lasers for Materials Processing

Laserline develops lasers for various applications in materials processing.  These applications range from welding of metals and plastics to surface treatment and cutting of several materials.  Our lasers are used in various applications amongst others:


  • Welding of metals / Metal welding (aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and other metals)
  • Hardening of metals
  • Welding of plastics
  • Laser Brazing / Brazing (particularly in auotmotive engineering)
  • Cladding / Repair Welding
  • Cutting of metals and other materials


Customized solutions for applications in laser materials processing are remote welding, hot chipping of ceramics, hot forming, hybrid welding, welding of solar cells, laser edging in furniture industry and tape placement of CFRPs (Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics).


Versatility of diode lasers

We use the possibility to match the focus with the laser output power in order to reach an optimized process with our diode laser for the particular applications. The laser is specified by suitable additional components like an optical fiber, a working optics and others for different application tasks. Therefore, our diode lasers are used in a wide range of applications in materials processing. Due to the continuous improvement of beam sources in the range of output power and beam quality and advanced process know-how, new application fields for our high power diode lasers have been consistently developed. Through high flexibility of the fiber-coupled diode laser, the systems can be adapted by the modular design principle to specific requirements. The continuous development of our systems is supported by our increasing know-how in laser materials processing and diode laser technology. With this technological knowledge we generates the right laser for nearly every applications. 


Efficient usage of our lasers

In this video we present different fields of applications showing our lasers in production processes.
These are successful procedures of laser materials processing where the diode laser has been established thorugh its cost efficiency and its high electrical efficiency, only mention two of its advantages.