• The laser beam heats up the surface extremely fast
  • Lasers are capable of easily heat up a certain defined area
  • The majority of the material remains cold and dissipates the heat from the surface
  • The laser heat treatment allows a high processing speed with precise hardening depths
  • Creation of fine grain microstructures (martensite) with high degree of hardness by means of short heating circuits


  • Local thermal entry in a defined partial area
  • Properties of the basic material remain intact
  • Short cycle times
  • Integration of the hardening process into existing production lines possible
  • Barley any heat distortion
  • Flexible process – hardening of complex geometries possible
  • Temperature controlled process
  • No pollution of the surfaces by the cooling media

tl_files/Laserline/img/Homogener_Spot_1.jpg   tl_files/Laserline/img/Homogener_Spot_2.jpg   tl_files/Laserline/img/Homogener_Spot_3.jpg   tl_files/Laserline/img/Homogener_Spot_4.jpg