Pump sources

High-end fiber and disk lasers need powerful, reliable pump sources with high beam quality as well as high efficiency.

Often, this requires adapting the pump modules to the pump medium in order to reach the highest optical-to-optical efficiency. Laserline pump sources can be designed to meet most of these needs, especially in terms of wavelength, power, and beam quality; and to have the right size and functionality.

The core of all Laserline’s pump sources are our well-established and proven diode laser stacks used in material processing applications. But Laserline added a feature to its sources that sets our pump a step above the competition and is enabled by our active cooling technology: As wavelength stability is crucial to the success of a pumping application, our wavelength stabilization feature addresses the shift in wavelength resulting from a change in output power. This wavelength shift is automatically compensated by controlling the active cooling, resulting in stable absorption characteristics and high efficiency.

In addition to standard pump bands in the 9xx nm range, Laserline also provides special wavelengths from 790 nm to 15xx nm. Available pump power depends on the required brightness: Up to 500 W output power are provided from a 200 µm fiber; up to 13.000 W of single wavelength pump power can be delivered out of a 2.000 µm fiber.