LDF series (500 – 20,000 W)

Fiber-coupled diode lasers in the LDF series offer output power from 500 W up to 20,000 W through optical fibers with 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm, 1,000 µm, 1,500 µm an 2,000 µm depending on the power level and the needs of the application.

Fiber-coupled diode lasers

In most cases, fiber-coupled diode laser heads are integrated into the compact and mobile supply unit in an all-in-one concept. In conjunction with stack and fault management, the supply unit guarantees maximum reliability in serial production. The laser system can be upgraded and adapted to different applications, for example, by adding diode laser stacks.

Multiple Station Operation

The diode lasers of the LDF series are particularly well suited to multiple station operation with beam switches and fibers of up to 100 m in length. The beam switch is integrated in the laser head and may also be added later, as customer requirements in production increase. It is equipped with an integrated status monitor and beam absorber.