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Hardening and heat treatment of metals

Diode lasers reliably and selectively harden or heat treat machine components, tools, accessories, and other parts against wear. Closed-loop temperature control allows each material to reach the highest hardeness value possible. Laser heat treatment can also be used to prepare high strength materials for the forming process by the localized reduction of strength of sheet metals. Compared to other procedures a diode laser offers many benefits:


Compared to other procedures a diode laser offers many benefits:


  • Ideal adaption of beam profile
  • Local thermal entry in a defined partial area
  • Integration of the hardening process into existing production
  • Hardening of complex geometries

Surface hardening of materials with diode laser

Different techniques of surface hardening allow for the use of cost-effective materials, also in components that are subject to high mechanical stresses. In diode laser hardening, only the particularly stressed zones are hardened locally; thus used for example, in steel and cast iron for tool manufacturing.


Hardening with laser means to treat only the particular stressed areas of metals – for example at steels or cast iron in tool manufacturing.