Principle of Metal Welding with Laser
Exmaples for metal welding with laser
Case Studies (Matex PM)

Lasers for Welding of Sheet Metals

Diode lasers are used in a wide range of sheet metal welding applications in industrial, high-volume manufacturing, from heat conduction welding in the consumer goods industry to longitudinal seam welding of tubes.

Laser joints are characterized by high welding speed, high levels of stability and very low distortion. At the same time excellent weld seam surfaces can be obtained. If the requirements with regard to process stability and consistent product quality are high, the laser is the right tool.


Aluminum welding

Due to its short wavelength close to the aluminum absorption peak, the automotive industry selected high brightness diode lasers as the tool of choice for aluminum welding in body-in-white (BIW) applications.


Keyhole Welding

With a brightness comparable to lamp pumped Nd:YAG lasers, fiber coupled diode lasers are now also performing keyhole welds, unthinkable just a short 10 years ago. Keyhole welding applications include parts for power generation and transmission components.