Control and Supply

The compact, mobile supply units, type LDF (VG Power, VG Flex) and LDM controls and monitors the laser head and its peripheral equipment. All components needed to operate the diode laser, including
the power supply, cooling unit, and control are modular, easily replaceable components.


Mobile supply units allow new ways of thinking for location independent redundancy concepts. Thus, a separate spare laser can hedge for several production lasers in case of need. The exchange is carried out in a few minutes by trained staff and preventive maintenance or repair can be carried out without the interruption of the production.


More than 70 system data are continuously collected and processed by the system. The integrated failure management works in two stages, allowing the user to react when certain alarm limits are reached before the laser shuts down when error limits are exceeded. In conjunction with the Teleservice Hotline - more than 65% of reported malfunctions can be corrected directly - and the inherent stack management, a high availability of the diode laser system is given.


Accessories and options for diode lasers, type LDF

  • PC visualization through LL-control software
  • Wavelength selection feature e.g. for optimizing the process
  • Beam switch for up to 6 exits, e.g. the multi-station operation with multiple fiber optic cables
  • Additional unit for advanced dust and humidity protection
  • Electrical connection of external cooling devices
  • Integrated optics chiller with separate cooling circuit
  • Advanced programming features
  • Integrated laser power measurement
  • Fieldbus gateway for various protocols

Accessories and options for diode lasers, type LDM

  • Wavelength stabilization for pump applications
  • Control box for LDM
  • Pilot laser for easy visualization
  • Power meter for the manual measurement of the output power